PBN report for March 2021

In this month article, you will read about my new GitHub project, how I am battling with Google Adsense moderators and how I am slowly starting ramping up a pace with article writing.

3S – Simple Site Scrapper

First of all, I have started work on 3S project. 3S stands for Simple Site Scrapper. As the name gives you a hint, 3S is a simple web-scrapper written in Java and using the jSoup scrapping library. The 3S project started to be helpful right away. During the development, I have used sites I administrating as a testing ground, and it helped me uncover many flaws and poor SEO immediately.

3S project is right now public project on my GitHub profile. I have already few ideas for improvement and maybe even a SaaS idea. If you have any idea for improvement or would like to contribute, do not hesitate to contact me or make a pull request on the 3S project.

3S project is part of my new year’s resolution to build one coding project per month.

Google Adsense rejection – again

I applied for Google Adsense program with my most genuine blog – codepills.com .However, once again, I was rejected.

I have made several theme adjustment and put more genuine content before applying. Nothing helped. I got back the same as always, plus the Google Adsense moderators penalized me for applying by setting the next application date after May 11, 2021.

Low value content

Your site does not yet meet the criteria of use in the Google publisher network. For more information, review the following resources:

  • Minimum content requirements
  • Make sure your site has unique high quality content and a good user experience
  • Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content
  • Webmaster quality guidelines

I hate this statement because not a single point is explained enough, and all points are super general and can be applied to any other site. Google, please fix!

  • Minimum content requirements – codepills.com contains the most content than any other site I administrate.
  • Make sure your site has unique high-quality content and a good user experience – codepills.com has only unique articles written by me. If there is any suspicion of plagiarism or any other malicious activity, I would like to see a list of pages with which are considered problematic. I am also using a standardized, officially supported theme by WordPress theme Twenty Ten on codepills.com right now. So I really do not understand what Google Adsense moderators consider a problem.
  • Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content – again, there is no shallow content. Coding tutorials are about code. I have watched the guidelines and it is hard to say how this point apply on codepills.com
  • Webmaster quality guidelines – this does not help at all. My content is original and high quality. If it would not, Google would not send people to me everyday, right?>

Overall PBN progress

I have several days gap in data tracking for codepills.com due to the WordPress theme Twenty Ten update. I am using hardcoded Google Analytics tracking code in the theme header, and it was removed during the theme update. Therefore numbers for codepills.com for March are a little bit smaller.

I have weird peak one-day traffic spikes for February and March, which source I can not identify. While in February, I considered it as an anomaly, March repeats. I will see what will next month bring.

Private Blog Network statistics

I bring here selected metrics for my private blog network for March 2021.

PBN content change for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com bigocrazy.com letenkyryanair.cz codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of articles 1 5 0 0 1
Number of words 3013 3532 0 0 178
PBN user activity for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com letenkyryanair.cz bigocrazy.com codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of page views 439 1474 230 0 779 9
Number of sessions 279 1358 153 0 389 7
Number of users 249 1257 140 0 353 7

Note: Numbers do not need to reflect reality. I change and update my PBN daily. For overall and hopefully more accurate stats, please visit the page about overall PBN status.

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