PBN report for April 2021

In this month article, we will look at site portfolio status during the month, in which I had barely a chance to make any updates. It was because I was relocating to a new flat.


March was the deadline for deciding on the flat I was occupying for the last four years. I took living in the old apartment as a mean of improving personal budget. However, after the global pandemic hit the big time Czech republic, the apartment lost its purpose. For a whole year, it was very hard to find any good flatmate. Therefore apartment rather than a budget subsidizer become my permanent home office. However, as such, it was never equipped for full-time life (24×7) in it. Apartment had many flaws that were balanced by its central location in Prague and by the fact that the apartment brought some money into my pocket.

Eventually, I have spent a lot of time in the flat alone. In the end, I had a feeling this flat was blocking me from making any meaningful progress in other parts of my life.

Therefore I have decided to move out, relocate somewhere else. The relocation took me overall roughly, from start to finish, one month. I decided to move out during the first week of April. I have been busy finding a new flat for the rest of the month and moving out from the old flat to a better apartment.

Thus I did not write a lot of new content and did not do much work on the PBN. On the other hand, I got a ton of new material for zaciatocnik.sk regarding (frugal and smart) relocation.

IntelliJ with browser viewer

JetBrains published a new 2021.1 version of IntelliJ IDEA with a build-in HTML preview. It is a beneficial feature since I am using IntelliJ IDEA as a word processor, and I am saving my articles in HTML format, versioned in Git. This new build helps me to have a fast sneak preview of already written text. But I am eager to test what influence it will have for developing my SPA applications or WordPress themes.

Overall PBN progress

Private Blog Network statistics

I bring here selected metrics for my private blog network for April 2021.

As it is very clear from the amount of effort put into the network, viewership wasn’t huge this month.

PBN content change for April 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com bigocrazy.com letenkyryanair.cz codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of articles 1 2 0 0 0 1
Number of words 2172 1178 0 0 0 657
PBN user activity for April 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com letenkyryanair.cz bigocrazy.com codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of page views 356 1601 279 0 1440 2
Number of sessions 257 1483 170 0 720 2
Number of users 235 1404 158 0 597 2

* We can observe a slight increase in letenkyryanair.cz with loosening pandemic measures. I also noticed the first commission. However, site ranks are totally destroyed, and I believe letenkyryanair.cz suffered a fatal hit with the global pandemic.
* codekopf.com had another anomaly. In 2 days, I got all 600 users. Then the whole month nothing.

Note: Numbers do not need to reflect reality. I change and update my PBN daily. For overall and hopefully more accurate stats, please visit the page about overall PBN status.

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