PBN report for January 2021

In the January article about my PBN, I will talk about the most recent domain purchase.

New project bigocrazy.com

I gave myself last year a resolution to get to a FAANG company in one of the European tech hubs (Munich, Geneva, Amsterdam, London). Unfortunately, with a good start when I managed to find a local support group with which I am meeting every two weeks; and initial affection for LeetCode problems, I slowly stopped my preparation. Reason? I am simply tired. I am becoming under lockdown for more than six months. I work from home more than I would typically work from an office. Plus, due to the lockdown, I do not have many ways to don’t get bored. Except watching a ton of YouTube videos a day, travelling is restricted only to the districts’ borders in Czechia for several months now. I’m not too fond of Czechia anymore, and I am thinking about buying a new gaming PC.

I bought a new domain for my project called bigocrazy.com. bigocrazy.com should be my next blog focused on interview question solutions and coding interview preparation.

I think I heard this word connection somewhere in the podcast. But the word connection stayed with me since then. I think it is an excellent and very rememberable name.

Anyway, by losing a taste for preparation, I have decided to force myself to it. But what can be a better way to do it than start doing it publicly. I figured out that the best way to push myself to work on FAANG interview preparation will be to have public and peer pressure. Plus, I can help others who are doing the same, share my gained knowledge. I already see that with codepills.com, it is a good idea to help others. And at my FAANG interview preparation group, I already figured out that I am learning a lot by sharing my experience on issues with others.

I have reach plans for bigocrazy.com – thinking even about YouTube channel. But all I need to do is start doing and publishing solutions for coding questions problems.

Overall PBN progress

There is no news regarding other sites in my PBN.

Private Blog Network statistics

I bring here selected metrics for my private blog network for March 2021.

PBN content change for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com bigocrazy.com letenkyryanair.cz codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of articles 3 3 0 0 0
Number of words 2980 1832 0 0 0
PBN user activity for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com letenkyryanair.cz bigocrazy.com codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of page views 308 1512 230 0 62 6
Number of sessions 187 1424 144 0 30 6
Number of users 165 1326 141 0 29 4

Note: Numbers do not need to reflect reality. I change and update my PBN daily. For overall and hopefully more accurate stats, please visit the page about overall PBN status.

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