PBN report for February 2021

In the February PBN summary report, I will talk about the total traffic decline on my flight niche sites.

Minimum traffic at flight sites

February is, in an ordinary world, the worst month for travelling. The days are short, there is no holiday (except artificial Valentine’s day), nobody goes anywhere; it is one of the coldest months in the northern hemisphere. Looking at statistics in February 2021 made me very sad. My most profitable website letenkyryanair.cz is destroyed. The global pandemic hit only the second year after I have purchased a project from the original creator, and I am still not even close to 40% ROI on my investment. The site had a declining trend since I bought it. But global pandemic destroyed it instantly.

For more than a year, there are no visitors at letenkyryanair.cz. The site even fell in search listings on the 1st-page bottom. Moreover, there is no shining light on the end of the tunnel because letenkyryanair.cz is focused on the two most hit regions in Europe right now – Czechia and Slovakia. Both countries are basically in curfew since the end of August 2020, and this month trend of covid related deaths reached its peak. Nobody goes anywhere.

I am praying now that Ryanair will survive this crisis and return to its position as a leading carrier in Europe in the next 2~3 years. Hopefully, the page will get back on track with a small regular passive income.

Czech Airlines, meanwhile, sort of declared bankruptcy due to the low volume of travellers. This airlines’ bankruptcy definitely will not help my leading affiliate Pelikan at letenkyryanair.cz since Czech airlines dump around 40 million euros in un-executed flights. Luckily for me, I have managed to agree with Pelikan on last year affiliate payment.

Personally, letenkyryanair.cz is not my only travel site. But I have stopped working on all new development of other sites, and I am now thinking about selling out the rest of the small websites and keep the only letenkyryanair.cz.

Overall PBN progress

At zaciatocnik.sk, I have fixed and updated several typos and errors in different articles. Overall I have enhanced article tracking for zaciatocnik.sk in my article tracking project.

At codepills.com, I have managed to write several articles. However, it was not at a pace I would like.

Once again, I did not contribute anything to the newly purchased blog bigocrazy.com.

Private Blog Network statistics

I bring here selected metrics for my private blog network for February 2021.

PBN content change for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com bigocrazy.com letenkyryanair.cz codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of articles 1 2 0 0 0 1
Number of words 1111 1565 0 0 0 454
PBN user activity for March 2021
zaciatocnik.sk codepills.com letenkyryanair.cz bigocrazy.com codekopf.com budystudio.com
Number of page views 578 1680 184 0 390 1
Number of sessions 350 1579 129 0 198 1
Number of users 281 1469 121 0 193 1

Note: Numbers do not need to reflect reality. I change and update my PBN daily. For overall and hopefully more accurate stats, please visit the page about overall PBN status.

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